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        Welcome Henan Boss Liquid Nitrogen Container Co., Ltd.!

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        +86-18601664200 021-60400596


        Address:Dongjichang Industrial Zone, west section of Hongli Avenue, Xinxiang City, Henan Province

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        BOSS — 30 years professional manufacturer Boss Is The Best Choice For The Liquid Nitrogen Container

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        Hotline +86-18601664200 021-60400596

        BOSS · ABOUT US
        Boss—30 years professional liquid nitrogen container manufacturer. Boss liquid nitrogen dewar company was founded in 1989. The first BS brand liquid nitrogen dewar (YDS-10) was born in the Boss factory.2010, The delivery capacity is more than 20000 sets per year.2011, ISO standard are applied in the production process. The delivery capacity more than 10000 sets per year.2012, New products YDZ series was born, YDZ: self-pressured liquid nitrogen cylinder. 2013, OEM services can be accep......... more
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